ORIGINDIA The Genuine Handcrafted Authentic Viking Drinking Horn

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  • The Genuine Handcrafted Authentic Viking Drinking Horn L Tankard for Beer Mead Ale Medieval Inspired Game of Thrones Mug Cup Chalice Food Safe Vessel 100% Authentic Beer Horn Tankard.(20 OZ)
    • Get 100% AUTHENTIC VIKING FEEL:FREE SHOT GLASS. Now You Can enjoy the authentic design, giant mug and feeling of drinking beer like a proper Viking! Made from a solid piece of horn, it will feel just right in your hands and we GUARANTEE you won’t go back to drinking beer any other way.
    • EACH HORN MUG A UNIQUE PIECE OF ART: Each of our Viking drink horn is made by hand . Each one of our horn mugs is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek natural finish for maximum authenticity, no two alike! This means your purchase will grant you a horn cup you can truly call your own and take pride that is one of a kind!

    • GREAT GIFT: Our beautiful Viking drink horn cup makes a perfect and unique gift for everyone who loves to drink beer like a true Viking, enjoy a horn mug that they can call truly their own.
    • Each Tankard is 100% handmade by the expert artisans. Each horn mug interior is coated with 100% Food Safe lacquer. Sometimes horns spring leaks in transit due to their sensitive organic nature, and if this happens we will replace your mug, no question asked.INGNESS: Watch your favorite shows like Game of Thrones or feast like a proper Viking while drinking a manly chunk with our beer mug.


    Big Enough To Quench A Viking's Thirst!


    Our unique handcrafted buffalo horn tankard have a 20 Oz or more capacity. Simply put, you won’t be thirsty, ever again for ale or beer!

    Enjoy your favorite shows while enjoying an icy cold ale or beer from your drinking horn tankard!

    Feast Like You Are In The Halls Of Valhalla!

    We offers you the 100% authentic feeling of drinking beer from our unique Viking drink horn tankard!

    Each Horn Mug Unique, No Two Are Alike

    That’s right! Each of our Viking horn is 100% UNIQUE. Made from a solid piece of horn, you will find no two alike!

     Every horn mug is also unique in shape and color, which makes it one of a kind!

    100% Food Safe Coating

    That’s right, we cut no corners when it comes to giving you a 100% authentic experience!

    Each of our Viking drink horn mug tankard comes with Shot Glassmaking it a truly unique gifting idea!

    Our beer goblet gifts cup tankard can be the perfect supplement to your viking sword, axe or shield

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